How all of this came about

Both Conrad and Sanet come from a corporate background and they are so happy to be able to live and work their dreams in Soul… Creativity in the photographic studio, good coffee and special tea’s, growing their veggies in the vertical garden, all sorts of books, crystals and beautiful energetic stones, the sewing makers station for all those items we want to make and create and through all of this our lasting goal to create a space for healing, where everyone can find their own in this passionately created place called Soul!

And this is us

Sanet KirsteinOwner
Sanet has a love of philosophic and spiritual books and crystals and their healing and energetic powers, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and choice of these beautiful specimens and minerals. Gorgeous cards and bits of jewelry and gorgeous incenses and candles …
Conrad LattimerOwner
Conrad’s love of photography and the time spend assisting in the Cape Town professional photographic sector became a dream to open his own studio space to shoot and share experience and resources to Cape Town photographers. Conrad also has a background in retail and restaurants.

We are Soul

Together, they created Soul, a space dedicated to creative and healing energies, stocking a wide range of stock, complimented by our barista with delicious food and drinks. Our vertical garden offers a peaceful space for meetings and lunches, our Sewing Makers station for rental for projects, and our community efforts to help with local projects and initiatives. They are passionate about sharing their experiences and knowledge, as well as learning from the people who support us.