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Qi Gong Morning at Soul with Lance Pye



July 13
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Lance’s love and passion for the last 17 years has been Qi Gong, Life Coaching, NLP, Nutrition and various other self development practices which have led him to develop the company, EnerQi. He left behind a corporate background in pursuit of a life where he could enable others to make sustainable shifts in realizing and expressing their wholeness.
Lance has had the opportunity to personally use and teach these methods to private students, rehabs, corporate organizations and at variety of conscious and mindfulness events. As a result he as decided to make this his life pursuit because of the impact and change it’s had on the lives of others.
Qi Gong is a system of meditation, in motion or in stillness. It draws and circulates Qi, the life force, into the body. In the process, the practice pours Love into the heart of the practitioner bringing about a feeling of well-being, harmony with one’s surroundings, and a feeling of divine contentment. One is able to truly enjoy life and experience a sense of ease even in the midst of challenges.
The postures and movements of the different forms have messages and mental images which are contemplated as they are being practiced. When practiced diligently and with sincerity, from within, one begins to find answers to the deepest questions in life.
In addition to the benefits of traditional Chinese Qi Gong such as healing, strengthening, and balancing the mind and body, Qi Gong transforms consciousness. Your sense of awareness is heightened and your instincts are sharpened. In time, it brings one to the experience of one’s original nature, which is Love!


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