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Empower Thyself with Julia Tiffin at Soul

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December 7, 2021 @ 10:00 am
December 8, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
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There is a compass hidden inside of you mapping your life path: the life path that you are truly yearning to live. Living on this path unlocks the mysteries of you, where you find pieces of yourself on an ongoing journey of discovery. Empower Thyself is a sacred process that switches on this navigational system to direct a life of manifestation & meaning. This process awaits your readiness to step onto your life’s path.

This life changing two days hands down ancient information from an oral tradition preserved by King Solomon that offers you tools of empowerment used for over 3500 years by many people who have lived their greatest life path. This training is brought to you by a trained Guide in the Lineage of King Solomon who has trained for 14 years to enter you into the mysteries of creation, the universe and your purpose here.

In the two days you will learn many tools, including tools to sustain a positive mindset, tools of protection, tools of healing and more … and you will receive an ancient Initiation that will revolutionize how you live your life, bringing positivity to you and those around you. These are the tools that bring about quantum shifts and have been awaiting humanity’s readiness to receive and heal.

If you are interested in attending this transformational process, please get hold
of Julia directly to get more information and to discuss this sacred journey. julia@juliatiffin.com

or contact Soul events@soulcenter.co.za


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