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Soul Beginners Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Evie



March 29
8:30 am - 9:30 am
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The month of March is upon us and with that, Soul brings us the theme of “compassion” and “forgiveness” – both resonating very deeply with me. Quite often we find ourselves playing victim unto ourselves in that we judge ourselves and fall prey to self-harm and loathing. This feels all too bad and leaves us oft scarred and withdrawn. Compassion is what we really need here to soften the victimization we expose ourselves to; and to learn to love ourselves for who we really are, amazing beings. You are everything you need to be right within you as a perfect creation.

Spending time on the mat allows you to slow down and thus opens the door for peace and serenity for compassion to walk in that door and soften your heart and allowing the second part of the theme, forgiveness, to enter. Forgiveness is required in big doses so that we can forgive ourselves for being so judgemental and bring us back to loving and acceptance of the self. Compassion and forgiveness are therefore strong emotions that can help us dig deep to come out of this judgement and become whole again with feeling compassion not only for others, but for ourselves and then of course forgiving ourselves too. These are intertwined with healing the damage of what the eyes see and judge.

Take some time in March to come join us on the mat, as we focus on Supine Butterfly (Supta Baddha Konasana) and Galloping Horse (Vatayanasana). Both are excellent stretches for the groin muscles and increases suppleness in the tendons as well as the muscles of the knees and the hips. Galloping Horse also challenges our balance and specifically working on our toes, allowing us to concentrate on our Drishti (focal point), while we ponder about being compassionate towards ourselves and bringing in kindness to forgive ourselves and being loving towards ourselves.

We get together on Tuesdays at 08:30 and Saturdays at 09:900 for 60 minutes of beautiful yoga that will energize and revitalize you. I promise that you will walk out feeling great and with a very big smile. It is two hours of your week that you really should consider for yourself.

Contact Evie on 079 509 8913 for bookings

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat, as always love Evie xxx


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