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Soul Beginners Vinyasa Flow with Evie



February 26
9:00 am - 10:00 am

2022 started off just the other day, yet we are already one month down. As scary as that sounds, it is also very exciting, as it gives us a chance to now take things slightly slower as we roll into the rest of the year. We spent all of January working towards Crow Pose, and very well done to those of you that stuck with it each week and finally got into the pose.  Well done on your achievement, we are very proud of you and thrilled for your success.


February is a very special month, not only is it a really summery month in Cape Town leaning towards sunshine, sea and smiles, but also lending itself towards stillness, which is very much a part of this month’s theme. We will be reaching within this month, taking some time to be still and more contemplative about the year ahead. We are in the month of Aquarius, so this is all about mellowing out, acceptance and being more zen-like. This sounds very yoga to me. Additionally this month’s crystal is amethyst, representing spirituality, raising vibration, reducing stress and turning negative into positive…again feeling very yoga-like to me.


In keeping with that concept, I invite you to spend the month of February with us on the mat here at Soul. Join us for 4 weeks of yoga sessions on Tuesday mornings at 08:30 and Saturday mornings at 09:00, where we will move you for 60 minutes to loosen your body, quieten your mind and opening up a space within you to spend some quality time with just you. The yoga sessions will be time for you to connect “you” with your body. There is nothing more empowering than the body, mind and spirit connection in the confines of your body in a beautiful setting of peace and tranquility. It is like medicine on a mat.


February takes us on a yogic calming journey of gentle flowing sequences, that will still challenge your bodies in twists and bends and uncommon shapes, ensuring that we still get a decent workout, especially within. This month we are going to work with a softer peak pose to practice towards the elegant Dancer’s pose.


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