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Vinyasa Slow Flow Meditation with Evie



August 23
8:30 am - 9:30 am
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Wow, can you believe it is Aug already. Time flies and we are all so busy it seems.

The theme for this month is Nurturing yourself. I wonder how many of us take time out of our busy schedules to nurture ourselves. The general banter I hear in class and most places I go, I hear from people intimating their stress levels and the body aches and pains they carry. I think most of us are aware that we carry our stresses in our bodies, which ends up with various body parts becoming stiff and sore. It is not until you allow your body to relax that you realize just how tight certain areas in your body feel, particularly the hips and shoulders where we typically carry stress.

The concept of nurturing ourselves is so crucial for our bodies. Our body is the vessel where a lot of stress manifests physically. Given our busy schedules, it is often the case where we simply don’t look after ourselves, or give nurturing ourselves the boot in favor of more work, or even more stress. I urge you to consider a more proactive approach to managing your stress through self-nurture and self-care. It is vital for your body to be taken care of. Try yoga out.

The amount of relaxation you can get through during a yoga hour-long class is invaluable. Besides allowing your body to release stress and to stretch your muscles, so too can one hour of yoga gently connect your body, mind and soul to reach a deep state of relaxation whilst doing good for your body.

I challenge you all to commit to one yoga class a week for August. You won’t be sorry you did. Yoga with Evie offers Tuesday and Thursday classes at 08:30 and 08:00 respectively, along with a Yin class at 08:00 on Saturdays. The yoga classes we offer here at Soul are slow flow classes to really nurture yourself, connect within, clear your mind and in so doing, you walk away feeling refreshed, nurtured and with your aches and pains reduced.

On top of it all, yoga is beautiful and fun. Come have some fun with us in the Soul Sanctuary.

As always, see you on the mat.

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