Celebrating Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day. Due to the current government restrictions, it is not an easy time for mothers. Some mothers are living apart from their children and can’t be with them, even on this special day; some families are missing their mothers that have passed on, now more than ever; or mothers living with children have been pushed to their limits holding a household together. Whichever way you look at it, mothers all round deserve a whole bunch of love, appreciation and pampering this Sunday.

If you are like me, and you are not only having to look after your own needs and emotions, but also holding space for little (or bigger) people who are having their own demands and meltdowns, the thing you probably desire the most, is some time off from mothering for a bit. Preferably a week off. Ok, we’ll settle for a whole day off.

If you are lucky enough to be in the same house as your mom (dads and older kids take note) she needs some extra spoiling this Mothers’ Day. And that doesn’t have to be lavish presents, be creative. Why don’t you make her breakfast in bed (better still, cook every meal for the whole day) and serve it to her on a pretty tray or out on a blanket in the garden, or in front of the TV, if that’s what she wants. Bake her something special. Pick her some flowers on your morning jog or from your garden. Give her a foot or hand massage. Put a crystal on her pillow. Be creative. Mother’s really appreciate love, care and effort more than expensive gifts.

If you can’t be with your mom, I’m sure that she would appreciate a video call from you, rather than a simple text, so try and take the time to do that instead. Or write her a long email, telling her how much you miss and appreciate her. Better yet, write her an actual letter and post it to her. Even if she receives it after Sunday, I’m sure she will be overjoyed to receive that in the post. And even if she has passed on, it could be quite cathartic for you to write down how you feel, and what you miss about her.

One thing is certain, Moms everywhere sacrifice a lot for you. A lot. Some things you are not even aware of. And they are usually taken for granted and not very appreciated. So please show your mother, your friend’s mother, your partner who is a mother, mothers everywhere, your love and appreciation this Sunday. Moms you are amazing!

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