Citrine, the Zodiac Stone for Scorpio

Citrine is the traditional birthstone for November and is a Zodiac stone for Scorpio which falls over October 23 to November 21. Pluto is the planet that rules over Scorpio. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “below the surface”. Pluto is associated with endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth.


The golden colour of Citrine emanates the warmth of the sun making this stone a light bringer that promotes cheerfulness, lightness of heart, positivity and joy. Balancing the chakra system, Citrine is an excellent crystal aiding in the manifestation process, allowing you to manifest your dreams into reality. Citrine is a particularly useful stone for Scorpios who want to take full advantage of their passionate energy, boosting their drive and passion while absorbing negative energies.


Citrine resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which helps with issues regarding the self. It boosts self-confidence, self-esteem, and other issues relating to how we see ourselves. Wear Citrine or place Citrine around the home to absorb negativity. It is not necessary to clear Citrine as it is self-cleansing.

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