Soul Astrology Report for February 2022



“We are travellers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and the whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, each other to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity”
Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

We welcome the harmonious, tantalizing dance of the planets and stars in February – the month of LOVE. The New Moon opens the month in Quirky Aquarius – bursting with new ideas. With the forward movement of Uranus bursting in the “Big Magic” ideas in and out of our consciousness: weaving in the divine intelligence and sharp intuition of Mercury and blending in with love and connection of Venus – Goddess of Love.

We are super-spoilt with exalted planets happy and at home – able to shower blessings from a centred state. Something many healers should value in themselves – in order to give and heal in an enlightening way, and still feel peaceful and energized afterward. You come first!

Exalted energy for the month:
• Jupiter in Pisces – An Abundant Stream of Blessings
• Mars in Capricorn – A Grounded, Realistic Ambition
• Mercury in Aquarius – Inventive, Genius Concepts fall into place

We must be aware that Mars will form a square with Chiron, i.e.: Direct Face-on with our wounds / scars once and for all! Almost surgically remove, obliterate and re-new – Face fear head-on! A perfect time for deep-healing sessions and cord cuttings.

A Sun- Saturn conjunction will seal the deal of your valiant bravery and finality here.
We will also strongly feel the intense union of Mercury (precision intellect) and Pluto (deep transformation, rebirth). Please take this opportunity and dive deep – a time to rid of old habits and associations that no longer serve. Please take initiative to do this action and self-work – do not let the universe surprise you if you choose to ignore this opportunity.

The Full Moon in Leo will reward all heroic measures shining the light on your bravery – ready to turn the page and reward a brand-new chapter.
And may we always be blessed by our friend Pisces – the magic fountain of healing. Washing away the trauma and the grief of the past two years.
February waves in an elated manner as Venus and Mars form a sextile in Neptune – Love, Action and Magic! Manifesting Heaven

Special days:
15 FEB – A Day of romance, sensuality
17 FEB – A magnificent window of opportunity – Abundant good luck and innovative



The stars are in line for ambition and endurance my Aries friends. It is a good time to initiate projects, remember your dormant dreams, goals and wishes. Work in co-operation, do group networking – not alone.
Love and passion are on your side in relationships and career moves. You have great support from unexpected people (maybe foreign) coming your way.
Spend some time in prayer and meditation, your Angels and Guides are divinely in line for your greatest good.

The door has opened for you my Bull – pay attention to your finances, sense of stability and comfort. Show the world your earthly sensuality – we are craving it.
You are grounded and centred at the moment with a whole new soul pathway opened for you. Your destiny awaits.
Your earthiness is making the world whole. We are relying on you to help the Green Movement and our environment. Plant that vegetable / herb garden you have been planning….

Dear Gemini, your vision and gifts are laid out in front of you – Take this opportunity to plan and make these gifts into creations. It will be a while before you have this opportunity again.
Write up that business plan, travel itenery you have in your head. Start planning and putting you dreams into action. It is time.
The mental fog will lift, and you will have astute vison and planning ability this month.
You will be supported with divine love energy in your efforts this month…

The harvesting is over, the rewards are ready for you Dear Cancer. Please consciously make and effort to enjoy your benefits, do not let the darkness pull you down. You are a child of the light. The world needs you to nurture, love and protect them.
Self-care is important this month- long baths, candles, incense.
Book that healing session!!
Spend time making your home beautiful, Spoil those children!

My Lion, this will be a very mentally active month for you. Pay attention to innovative ideas and new inventions. Spend some time watching and getting advice from some prominent entrepreneurs and self-starters.
This is unique, energy coming through that can bring magnificent success, contacts and opportunities.
Culminate all this information to create your intentions, and manifest for the rest of the year.

A good month for deals and negotiations, buying and selling and advancing technologically.
There will be a new opportunity to re-invent yourself physically, your emotional well-being and at work – or re-examine your daily routines.
A good time to create a Vision Board!
Also, a good time to give back and do some Volunteer work – you will be rewarded.
Make sure to take some time for yourself… meditate, journaling and yoga are good options.

A time to move forward in confidence.
You are well supported with physical and mental stamina – as well as the blessing of loving and supportive connections – with a unique combination of creative and spiritual guidance – and a great pocket of abundance opportunity. A combination of heart and mind connection is very prominent in your energy this month.
This is a great time for you our well-adjusted, balanced friends.

Scorpios, be ready for this! This is a start of a deep excavation – digging deep.
It is a turning point. The Rise of the Phoenix. A month that heads a total rejuvenation.
This is a good time to re-kindle (and yes forgive) any broken family bond that would serve you better healed.
A good time to create a Family Tree – you may be surprised.
Also, a good time for past life healing, and if need be cord cutting.

My dear friend Sag, it is time to put the past behind you. It is a time to remember your jovial, happy go lucky nature – A time to embrace you Visionary Gifts.
The stars are aligned in positivity for you – creating a path for you to pick the flowers of success. Luck is on you side!
A special time for music, art, spending time near water. Investigate new ideas, breakthroughs and challenge normality!

The month starts off with confusion and vagueness but re-ignites and channels a more realistic path. You are boosted with step-by-step achievement ideas, mini habits for the big picture.
You are surrounded and energy of wholesome togetherness, genuine bonding and peace as the month progresses – the healing has begun!
The past two years have been gratingly alarming for you. And all though there is still deep healing, the path of rejuvenation is in action.

The Sun shines the light on you this month Aquarius! You are ignited with razor sharp intellect. Be open to inventive downloads. Write them down! Investigate them.
Be prepared to be attracted to (new / existing) partners on a mental level. Explore these connections. Swop ideas…
You will have the ability to view situation in a realistic, strategized manner this month.
Plan and execute all this information carefully…

Blessed with a shower of abundance, spirit, creativity, vision and connection this month!
Infused with magical ideas and plans.
What a beautiful month for you Pisces…
Please accept this energy in a pure, relaxed space. Please do not be swayed by illusions, deceptions or substances.


Make the most of this magical opportunity
I hope you have enjoyed this report, see you all next month…
Much love,

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