July 2021 is a Three Universal Month

According to Numerology, July 2021 is a Three Universal Month

The number three carries creative spiritual energy and focuses mainly on fun, playfulness and of course being social!The number three also aligns with the astrology for July’s cancer season which will end on July 22nd when the sun moves into Leo.

Mars and Venus will also form their conjunction on July 13th also in Leo which is expected to bring a light hearted energy expression to our lives, leaving us feeling buoyant and care free! Since this month is all about the number three and it’s creative energy and buoyancy, take this time to get more social with your friends, even If it means calling a zoom meeting, since we have to social distance and all!

Also use the creative energy of this month to really delve into the things you’ve been wanting to do – you can make pure magick when channeling potent energies of creativity!

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