Numerology Report for August 2021

Our Numerology for the month of August is the Universal Number 4! This Numerology figure goes very much hand in hand with the astrology of August, which contains an energy that is mainly focused on GETTING THINGS DONE!

Its time to buckle down and do all the hard work that is necessary to achieve your dreams and goals. Your dreams and goals have been a long time coming and this is THE TIME TO SHINE! Your hard work and effort will be rewarded after this months efforts towards accomplishing all that your heart desires.

Try to stay focused and make the most of this highly energetic time, where all your wants are going to come to fruition. You are loved and the Universe has so much in store for you! You simply just need to act and let the energy of the Universe work through you, don’t hold back! BURN BRIGHT AND SHINE LIKE THE SUN THIS AUGUST!

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