Numerology report for September 2021

September is a 5 Universal Month. The number 5 is the master of change and carries qualities of being able to go with the flow assisting one in adapting and thriving in different situations. We have evolved this far; adaptation and versatility are certainly our strengths! So, its recommended with the positive energy that’s brewing this season to take this month to do something adventurous and challenging to tend to that curiosity and adventure that’s been growing within! You shan’t be disappointed!

Number 5 has three main strengths,  adaptability, curiousness, and sociability with the key characteristic of the number 5 being curiousness: the need for an array of exciting experiences to feel satisfied and fulfilled! With the stirring up of these energies, true feelings of creativity and adventure will come into play from within to most certainly create something magical! You can expect the energy of this month to bring you to many new and exciting adventures where you will thrive by adapting and using your incredible sociability to experience and connect with others! So don’t be afraid to go out and adventure this September, you are sure to embark on some exciting expeditions!

Happy September lovelies!

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