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Hello and welcome to April 2020 dear Soulful people!


Nope this is not an April Fools Day joke, we are being forced to stay at home and face ourselves by law!

Who could have ever thought this out, our President has told us all to stay at home?

The message is so loud to take this time and to start getting to know ourselves that it is making our ears ring and if we ignore a call this loud and clear we will have no excuses left if we are not ready to be part of a very different world as we are seeing it change in front of our eyes.

Here at Soul we are also experiencing Lock down 100% with all of you, Soul and the Soul Team had to close our physical doors too last week with all the events cancelled.  We are also at home really being put to test to practice what we preach! We are currently also experiencing the uncertainty, fear, anxiety and frustration so many of you are going through, we are also feeling this. You are not alone in this situation we are all in this together but we will overcome this together too.

It surely is therefore no surprise that our theme for April here at Soul is ‘If You Can’t Go Out, You Can Go In!’   Everything you need is here within you now! Become still and look inside.

Sitting with ourselves can be very difficult but we need to take the time to be with things that are difficult and to face & feel those things we have never felt before to overcome them. These are our inner Dragons that we need to slay to free ourselves and to become our own Hero, strong and resilient! Living meaningful lives that impact our world positively!

Invite these feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety and frustration and be with them, not overthinking or trying to find a solution but just sit and recognize them & then metabolize them and let them go.

Breathe them out.

Now be in the present moment right here where you are with your breathe, your heart beat, your body and accept and surrender to where you are.

Feel your center, go to that golden thread that runs deep within your core and connect to it, that quiet space deep within you.

Connect to the silence here within.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes.

During this time let’s take care of ourselves by taking salts baths or showers. Clearing our homes with burning sage and incense and say beautiful affirmations like ‘My home is protected by divine Love & I flow in alignment with this Love’. Make a daily note of what we are grateful for today.  Drink lots of water. Meditate, meet with yourself.. even if it is for 10 minutes. Write down what came up for you during this meditation.

We will have some short free Guided Meditations for you this week to try out so please check our face book page and website if you struggle to do this on your own.

The Soul Team is also working quite hard on a few new concepts to get amazing content about different Soul topics on Body, Mind and Spirit. We will have the Soul M-Power Hour  Interviews with different specialists about Essential Oils and Coping with Anxiety and Taking Care of Your Body During Stressful Times as well as short cooking video clips with Tara from The Playful Vegan on how to make Immune Boosting Dishes and some short courses you will love.

Make this Lock down count in the best possible way you are able to, for yourself and for the World you want to live in!


All my love and Blessings


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