Soul Astrology report for April

Happy April lovelies! With a New moon kicking us off on April 2nd in Aries – Taurus season is finally upon us followed by a powerful full moon in Libra, and the start of Pluto retrograde – a time of transformation! Although change can be scary, fear not, soul fam – it’s a relatively chill month rich with philosophical insight, money, connections and love!

We end off Aries season on April 2nd with the New Moon boasting energy and opportunity for new beginnings! Use this energy and time to conquer your goals and dreams and watch the power of manifestation unfurl throughout this beautiful cyclical Lunary Cycle.

Not soon after, on Tuesday, April 5, the first significant transit occurs when the romantic planet Venus enters sensitive Pisces. As a result, enhanced intimacy is most certainly on the brew in relationships, and you may notice that you see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. Pay attention to what you love about your partner, crush, or friends, its going to make April a lot more full of light and fun opposed to focusing on the negatives.

Communicative planet – Mercury enters grounded Taurus on Sunday, April 10 which brings to light the importance of ‘silence’ – remember the power of silence?  This allows us to shift to a space of wholeness and allows us to let things go. So, the next time you have a petty argument with a lover or friend, instead of using it against them for another two weeks, try letting them off the hook. They’ll feel happier, and as a result, so will you. Add some meditative routines to your daily life during April – if you don’t already have one!



I know, Aries, it’s tragic – Your season ends this month, and you have to pass the torch to earth sign Taurus BUT FEAR NOT, when Venus, the goddess of abundance enters dreamy Pisces, the stars want you to make some money honey! There is much to be celebrated this April, keep your beautiful energy flowing!


It’s your solar return this month Taureans!  – If you haven’t already started planning a birthday party, get on it ASAP. You’re ruling planet is Venus, which means that you know how to appreciate the finer things in life! (like cake) so go ahead and get planning for your birthday month with all the treats and delights that you so well deserve!


You Gem, The theme of money is in the air when luxurious Taurus season begins, so make a budget, speak to a financial advisor, and get ready for abundance. Oh and keep an eye on the dramatic solar eclipse at the end of the month too because money news may suddenly materialize! Wishing you abundance and love sweet Gemini!


Communication flows like water within your love life this month, darling Cancer. However, the stars remind you to stick up for your needs in other areas of your life, such as your work life. If you need more mental health days or are experiencing burnout, it’s essential to set those boundaries! Pluto, the planet of transformation goes retrograde for 5 months, but hang tight – there is gold at the end of this crazy cosmic ride!


Lovely Lions and Lionesses – April brings your health into focus, but alas there’s no cause for alarm! You likely just need to catch up on sleep, work on reducing your stress levels, and remind yourself that no one will forget about you if you take a three-day social media break. Find joy in the natural rhythm of things – slow down lovelies and remember that self-care and self-love is a bare essential.


April is blessing you not only in a monetary way but a sensual and career-orientated way too! The full moon in Libra during the middle of the month has the potential to level up your professional life, but only if you can keep your cool under the stress of this lunation. Keep it cool lovely and reap the benefits!


When your ruling planet, romantic Venus, enters caring Pisces, you find that ongoing issues within your love life are going to finally end. You are likely to keep the peace because you’re the sign of justice and balance, remember? So while you’re tying up loose ends, don’t forget to go ahead and state your boundaries! Onwards and upwards Libra love in all that you are, all that you have and all that you do!


Darling Scorpio, as always you go out with a BANG! (I mean STING…) This April, A full moon in Libra mid-month reminds you of the importance of sleep and self-care. True success and happiness comes from a well-rested mind, body and heart. So Take time for yourself especially under our upcoming full Moon! Tea, herbs, sage, crystals – sounds about right eh?


Oh no, Sagittarius, your charisma is so out of this world during April that you might actually be dangerous. April asks you to use your charm to have those intimidating conversations with those you authentically connect with! Who would you be if you were not your authentic self?

Capricorn )

The expression “still waters run deep” describes you beautifully, Capricorn. As a grounded earth sign, you always appear to be doing well, and you usually are! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have feelings. Repressing them, however, can create issues. When Taurus season begins, you’re down for deep and philosophical conversations. And, when Pluto, the planet of transformation, goes retrograde, your mission is to have fun and be happy and simply enjoy the ride. Mission Alert!


The stars bless you with the courage to live authentically especially in the Realm of Romance. Your social life also lights up this month. Expect invitations to cool parties and professional recognition. But, don’t worry, Aquarius, as the alien of the zodiac, you’re allowed to wear something weird and talk about humanitarian issues or occult topics while everyone else is just trying to enjoy their drinks.  Be authentically you!


Dreamy, flowy, peaceful Pisces – having good times with friends is on the cards for April! Remember, even if you love your job and have the best romantic partner in the world, your friends are crucial ground support so make time for them, they love you! Both Mars and sensual Venus enter your sign later this month too, so you can assume that you’ll enjoy splendid times with lovers and friends. Just remember to take TMO during the eclipse at the end of the month, self love and rest is as important!

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