Soul Astrology report for August 2022

This month is beginning with a bang and its no surprise for the start of Leo Season! As the sun dances through creative and expressive Leo, you can expect levels of passion, creativity, change and drama to skyrocket!

On August 1, Mars—planet of passion and drive—joins forces with the unpredictable Uranus-North Node conjunction  causing sudden shifts that both inspire and challenge us! Although things may seem challenging, seek inspiration and enjoy the ride, because there’s no way of knowing for sure where this steam train is headed next. Fortunately for us, adventure is what makes us feel alive, so roll with it lovelies!

Mercury—planet of communication—enters its home sign of Virgo, so we can certainly expect a boost of mental clarity that will help us make sense of things. Let things be as they should and when ready, redirect things where necessary.

When Venus—planet of love—forms an opposition with dark and transformative Pluto you can certainly expect some tension within our relationships but this teaches us how to become aware and present in all that we are feeling – so use this energy to your advantage and learn something from the feelings that arise. Fortunately Venus enters bright and shiny Leo on August 11, reminding us to let love lead the way. Nothing pleases Venus in Leo more than being showered with affection. Love will have its way! ALWAYS!

Combing with the energy of Venus entering Leo, we have a powerful full moon in Aquarius rising on the 11th of august as well really bringing our awareness to our current situations. As it joins forces with Saturn—planet of restriction and inhibition—you might feel a rather deep an intense need to keep things together even everything seems quite the opposite! However, this full moon is also teaching us a whole new level of strength, making us realize that so many of the obstacles that once held us back are nothing we can’t handle. And as Venus forms a trine with expansive and larger-than-life Jupiter on August 18, we’ll be able to set aside the stress and indulge in the rewards of working so hard.

On August 20th, Mars, the planet of drive and conflict, will enter chatty and sarcastic Gemini where this will continue for the next 7 months. This is the beginning of a long transit. As we know, Mars is rather dramatic and over the top so if these qualities become noticeable within your environment, don’t fall victim to it but rather once again become aware of this energy that is present and use it to your advantage.

Later this month on August 22, the Sun will leave powerful and energizing Leo and step into analytical and intelligent Virgo giving you the drive and enthusiasm to get more organized and intentional about what you desire.

With all the energetic chaos of this incredibly enlightening season of Leo, remember to stay grounded, nourished, to pay attention to your feelings and to remember that although you may be faced with many obstacles, there is a promise of light at the end of every tunnel! Fasten your seat-belts and prepare for the hottest season yet.




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