Soul Astrology Report for June

“ Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light…

I have loved the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night “ – Anonymous

Open the curtains and Let that golden sunlight in – Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close on the 3rd June . (FINALLY!)

Hands up to anyone who really suffered this time round.. being a Virgo rising and loads of Gemini influence I can honestly say it was a lot! This June Mercury halts in Taurus so this is a good time to stop and smell the flowers… Take the time to do things for yourself and to do the things you have been wanting to do! Throw caution to the wind and enjoy! Just a heads up that soon after Saturn turns retrograde on the 4 June ( in Aquarius )  square Mercury – very “heady” and emotionally distant – so you may have feels of being on the spectrum. It can be a time for challenging news – just know that this too shall pass… Following this, on June 13th Mercury enters Gemini you can definitely expect an energy pick up and a lot more  mental clarity. Time to reorganise, straighten out any debris of chaos,  and plan plan plan !!!

Here are a few more astrological events to take note of this month Soul fam:

Open your heart to a magnificent full moon in Sagittarius on 14 June and be prepared to feel:

  • Upbeat
  • Broad minded
  • Buoyant
  • Positive
  • Enthusiastic


And to reward hard time let me announce, Venus enters Gemini on 22 June, oyu can expect:

  • Flowing conversation
  • Smooth talk
  • Poetry
  • perhaps a poetry event in your area ? You could meet the love of your life!


For us all to come home to warm and cozy … the Sun enters Cancer 21 June bringing:

  • Comfort
  • Emotional connections
  • Deep conversations
  • Mom’s love
  • Treasure these moments


And to be super spoilt we have a beautiful new Moon in Cancer on 28 June, it’s a good time to start:

  • New renovations
  • Decorating
  • Buy New Linen
  • Buy New Couch cushions
  • And Having family gatherings


And finally, Just to let you know: Neptune retrogrades 28 June so protect yourself from:

  • Deception
  • People taking advantage of you
  •  Take time to set up quiet spiritual/ prayer time and also take realistic actions and exercise healthy boundaries


Closing the month off, from my heart to yours – may you be blessed


Much love ,




Strong wiled Aries, this is the month to follow your gut instincts and to pay attention to first impressions, a month to release tense, frictional energy – a time of confidence with the excitement of new love or to renew vows with your partner the end of the month.


For Taurus, it is a time to release confusion – to feel more clear- to hear voices of love, write love letters- buy new linen, soft cozy beds. Beauty and warmth all around. New clothes and delicacies to eat…


The cloud of doom has lifted, get ready to feel like your old self again Gemini -mental alertness. There may be a slight tension the beginning of the month with structure and rules.  This month is paving the way for deep thinking and new ideas – a chance of new love the end of the month.


Come home to your soul this month my dear Cancer – nurturing, home comforts, family recipes, fire-places – Thick furry blankets and hot chocolate , Think Hygge – soulful connections, internet free evenings, crochet and cuddles.


Expect to feel like your proud, talkative self again Leo – maybe a tough love conversation  or two at the beginning of the month. Take the lead an plan some valiant family and friend dinners – pull out the entertaining cutlery – set it up !


The month may start with magnified issues and routine seeming like a bird’s cage – not long and you realize routine is the building blocks to creating great things, Have some concise, clear planning time, seek your mother’s advice.


Heightened emotions you can talk yourself out of, balanced outcomes – like a true Libra.

You could also be reflecting on past relationships – sometimes it is okay to reminisce.

Balance the good and the bad – maybe a bit of journaling to release any pent up emotions…


Time to take stock my dear Scorpio – examine your budget and investments. Time to reflect your earthly possessions, land and belongings – as well as self-reflect any toxic emotions. This can also be a smouldering time with your lover!


Action, Action, Action!!! A burst of energy, Positive mind, energetic body _- Time to start a new gym program and birth that new idea – Luck is on your side – This is a time to reap the rewards of all the self – evaluation you have been busy with …


Double Check.. Think..double Check… Think again…Re-evaluate where you are..  think of step by step approaches – methodical. Guard against dark thoughts. Comfort yourself with winter, wholesome earthy meals my Capricorn friends – spend special time in prayer and meditation to calm the energy and keep upbeat.


Reminicing of times gone by, remembering old groups, hobbies and plans you never got around to.Make and effort to re-connect, find a group of like-minded inventors for a meet-up – this is a time to re-connect with you and others … do it with discernment and with your best interests at heart – do not drain yourself my Aquarius quirky friends.


Subtle messages, intuitive guidance, higher self connections – Take time to bring this to the NOW.A very fulfilling and rewarding time for Pisces who have put in the work, the results will magically appear – relish in the tapestry of light, make  very sure to bring the magic into reality.


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