Astrology Report for October 2021

A season of delight is upon us bringing plenty brand-new opportunities to enhance and strengthen our relationships as well as maintain social order in our sacred circles! October draws in the positive energies of optimism, abundance, exploration, and adventure, taking us on an incredible journey where we can enhance our love and connections with others and ourselves! The energy of this month is perfect for setting intentions regarding relationships and connections as well as establishing important boundaries. The first noteworthy astrological event this month is a dark new moon in romantic Libra on Wednesday, October 6 – remember to do something for the love of it!

The following day, October 7, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance enters Sagittarius – you know what that spells A D V E N T U R E! This can include adventure with yourself or others!

Next up, we have Saturn, which rules laws, authority, and discipline. It goes direct on Sunday, October 10 providing the perfect time to establish much needed healthy boundaries!

Then on Sunday, October 17, Jupiter also goes direct. Jupiter is a planet that governs personal growth and expansion. When it goes direct this month, enjoy an extra boost of confidence especially after showering yourself with all the love from the beginning of the month.

And lastly for October, on Wednesday the 20th we have a full moon in Aries. Your focus for this lunation should be to bring the intentions you set earlier this month, during the new moon, to life! Make that magic happen after all it is the season of magic!


October brings important truths to the surface for you. Use the time and energy on October 10th to voice yourself and establish those boundaries that you’ve been wanting to! You are the creator of your reality, never forget that!


The past month has been a busy one for you! Use the loving energies of this month to enhance your connection with loved ones and remember to take time for yourself! You are number one on your priority list, remember an empty cup cannot pour into another! So full yours up with love and all things nice!


Your voice and intentions this month are going to be well understood. Seize these moments to share your thoughts, wants and needs and use these opportunities to strengthen and harmonize relationships you’ve been meaning to tend to!


Your efforts with relationships shows – but remember to have others reciprocate the same efforts for you! Energy always needs to be exchanged fairly else you could find yourself feeling burnt out! Love goes where intention flows, make sure you’re on the receiving end!


A month of magic and creativity where you will be presented with many grand opportunities to dress up and show the  world the love that you have established for yourself over these past few months! Take the opportunity and shine your light, you are well worth it!


Keep on working hard but remember that gratitude and rewards are necessary in your endeavours. Do not be afraid to ask for more, especially since you deserve it. Boundaries and mutual understandings are essential in maintaining these wonderful relationships you’ve been building however its essential that others take note of your incredible nature and willingness too!


The creativity and universal connections of this month lead you to destinations where joy can be found in even the smallest of places! You’ve got plenty magic to find! So go on!


Healing those triggers and turning them into superpowers has been a long time coming! Use your creativity and personal boundaries to help yourself in establishing the New you! This month is your month to take all that you’ve learned and create the ultimate masterpiece – you!


Communication and connections are big one for you this month, If you have been needing to say something – this is the month to do so! Let your loved ones know what it is that you feel and use the creativity of this month to work around the things that you want in order to make your relationship goals come to fruition as well as to establish mutual understandings!


It’s a month of releasing fears and succumbing to the cosmic ebbing and flowing loving energy of the universe. Use the abundant energy of love and harmony to willingly create those relationships you have been aspiring to share. Simply Trust!


Go ahead this month and spoil yourself! You out of all people deserve it! Your hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed and as a matter of fact you owe it to yourself to set  your lantern alight and let it buuuuurn with those loving energies you deserve!


With all the astrological transitions you certainly are going to have an increase in confidence this month! So far you’ve been working to attain it – now is the time to feel it! Pay attention to your loved ones and your surroundings and consciously remind yourself why you love the people you love! There’s never any harm In finding reasons to love another or yet, be reminded why you do! Get that love and connection flowing!

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