Soul Crystal of the month: Peridot

Our spiritually balancing and energizing crystal for the month is, you guessed it… Peridot!

Peridot is exceptionally helpful for healing and regulating the physical, emotional and mental cycles of a person’s life. It is often called a ‘stone of transformation’ as it known to assist in breaking negative cycles, removing blockages, improving intellect and opening the heart center!

Peridot does not only heal on a mental and metaphysical level, but it also balances the endocrine system with an emphasis on the adrenal glands. This beautiful stone has been used for many many years to assist the digestive system as it aids nutrient assimilation and supports the pancreas, liver, gallbladder and spleen giving you that additional energy that your vibrant being requires!

Peridot with its gorgeous green hues carries amazing positive energy that will help you activate your Divine Heart Chakra Center. It helps one regulate interaction with the outside world and helps balance yourself. Once your Heart chakra is in balance you will start to discover relationship improvements without emotional reactions. The gorgeous Yellow energy that radiates from this crystal is associated with Solar Plexus Chakra and it improves your digestion and immune system as well!

Peridot is considered to be one of the best cleansing gemstones that help to release toxins on all levels. Wearing this crystal will help you alleviate negative feelings, jealousy, spite, hatred, bitterness, greed, and irritation. It will boost positivity and bring into your life joy, happiness, improve relations and bring new ones. Wearing this stone is considered to be very beneficial for boosting confidence, motivation, it will open your mind to new beautiful things and improve your overall well being.





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