Soul Astrology report for December 2021

Astrology Report

Seasons Greetings lovelies! It’s the last month of 2021 with Dreamy Neptune ending off its Retrograde which has been going  on since June 25th! This retrograde helped us identify all the illusions in our lives and has encouraged us to release that which does not serve our highest good to make room for more real & authentic commodities!

On Saturday December 4th there is a New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius should shake things up a little bit specifically if you have been holding on too tightly to things that may be unhealthy for you however on a more positive note, the stars are delivering some good news towards the end of the Season – so remember to pay attention to all that there is to be grateful for!

On December 13th, Mars enters Sagittarius bringing the desire for adventure! What’s a holiday without adventure, right? Additionally, Mercury enters Responsible Capricorn to remind us to take care of ourselves & our loved ones during the holiday season. Don’t forget to mask up and sanitize during all that adventure lovelies!

Then on December 19th, Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty & Money goes retrograde and the comet Chiron, known as the “wounded healer,” ends its retrograde, where it’s been since Thursday, July 15 goes direct. The Chiron retrograde asked everyone to examine your old trauma that’s getting in the way of your joy.

The Summer Solstice then occurs on Tuesday, December 21, the longest day of the year, and the start of the ambitious Capricorn season. But, before you get back to the grind in 2022, your last thing on the to-do-list of 2021 is to have as much fun as possible! Lastly, The lucky planet Jupiter enters compassionate Pisces on Tuesday, December 28, bringing the perfect mixture of emotions and cheer to ensure that you have a great end to 2021. Happy Holidays Lovelies! Until next year!

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