Soul Numerology Report for December

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We’ve been given an incredible GIFT at the end of 2021: the energy of the Number 8. The Number 8 Is the number of abundance, manifestation, wealth and personal power so lovelies, It’s time! It’s time to get ambitious and motivated! This month’s energy will ebb & flow so don’t forget to find & maintain your balance!

With this natural ebb & flow that the Number 8 emanates, remember to remain grounded in your thinking and your knowledge of self as you can expect shifts in your thinking, which is not all bad! With the number 8 being on the forefront of this month, its theme is also all about progress, so get with the flow!

Getting into the flow with the right amount of effort & a strategic enough mindset & attitude, you ought to be successful in all your endeavors. This is a time where real progress & change can begin! Happy December Lovelies!



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