Soul Numerology Report for May

Numerology report for May 2022

According to Numerology, May 2022 is an 11/ 2 Universal Month (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 6 = 11, and 1 + 1 = 2).

May will be a rather powerful month, as it is a Master Number 11 month. Although we normally reduce numbers down to single digits in Numerology, Master Numbers have powerful meanings that carry their own unique and divine energy.

With a notable frequency that includes both the individualistic nature of the 1 and the relationship-oriented energy of the number 2, May promises to be a month of expansion both internally and externally. As we know, this tug between polar opposites can get interesting, so try to strike and maintain a balance as best you can.

Fortunately, anything you set into motion during last month’s pioneering 1 energy could continue to take flight this month so don’t let obstacles get in your way of success — you’ve got the powerful energy of an 11/2 month on your side!

If you feel that things are becoming too hectic or intense this month, don’t be afraid to seek outside support to keep the momentum and flow of things going.

May’s energies bring collaboration and partnership to the front line. In fact, you might find that the more you lend a helping hand to others, the more that helping hand comes back to YOU! Oh Karma, your beautiful rhythm…

You ‘may’ feel your senses tingling this month, that’s just your heightened psychic abilities at play so give yourself the necessary finesse and space to tap into this increased intuition and use it to your advantage.


Happy May 2022 Lovelies, ‘May the force be with you’


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