Numerology Report for October 2021

October has arrived bringing all tricks and treats – essences of pumpkin spice and spooky sprites! Are you ready for this fun-filled month? Funnily enough – the month of October possesses the numerological number 6 – spooky ain’t it ? (666) Wahaha! Well fear not as This month focuses on bringing in incredible energies of harmony, balance, and stability while simultaneously stirring the cauldron with top notch ingredients of creativity, universal love and connection!

With all these ‘least terrifying’ attributes, you can expect to encounter and create some incredible connections this month! The important thing to remember this month is to ground these beautiful energies and find a balance within yourself – getting caught up in the craziness of creativity, and universal love and connection can certainly take you on a whimsical journey, but it is as important to be present in the here and now to receive your true treats this month!

You can join us for our monthly meditations to ground these energies and create inner balance on our Facebook page. Enjoy all things nice and the pumpkin spice this festive month and remember to take it easy on the candy lovelies! Until Next month – Happy festive season!

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