The Numerology of April is Nine.

According to Numerology, April 2021 is a 9 Universal Month (4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 9). Nine is the number of endings and letting go. If you are been met with the decision to hold onto something or let it go, willingly let go of old ways. With letting go comes change which is a valuable lesson and can be hugely enlivening.

As the last number in the numerology cycle, the nine always brings closure. Finding closure means holding complete acceptance of what happened, the honouring of what was and the welcoming in of something new. Closure frees you in a sense of freeing up your energy, time and attention so you can focus on your highest purpose.

This numerology will serve you in areas of your life where you are avoidant or distracted. Free yourself up by tying up loose ends and bringing projects into a state of completion. Release what no longer serves you and observe what falls away this April.

This numerology is all about drawing away and making space, so be mindful not to fill up your schedule before you’ve even enjoyed the new energy. Be aware to avoid not taking on any new responsibilities. Explore your options but do not commit yourself to anything if you can.




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