The Numerology of February is Seven

According to Numerology, February 2021 is a 7 Universal Month (2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 7).

The year eases onwards with a dreamy, mystical vibe, as this Numerology encourages us all to go within.

If you have a regular spiritual practice, lean into it. Commit to daily sacred discipline and deepen your practise. If spirituality is uncharted territory for you, this is a great moment for you to dip a toe into the vast waters of spirituality. Dive into that self-development book on the shelf, create and recite your own affirmations, try EFT for the first time (emotional freedom technique, known as tapping), programme your favourite crystal and meditate with it, play with essential oils and explore a full moon ritual.

February’s energy is aligned closely with self-inquiry and personal growth. Self-inquiry means to turn your attention inwards and towards the truth of your nature. This can be done by sitting in meditation and by journaling. In the process you acknowledge and honour your feelings, and subconsciously clear your head – we must feel to heal! Taking a step back and sitting with ourselves may feel against the grain as our modern world wants us to consume consistently! Release your mindset of busyness and the need for stimulation and entertainment.

Practical steps you can take:

  • Digital detox, unplug from social media and put away your phone
  • Go for a nature walk or hike
  • Turn off all screens and sit in your garden
  • Get to bed early
  • Tap into your intuition by exploring new topics to research and learn, as well as picking up a good book to read
  • Self-inquiry and introspection via journaling and meditation. What do you want to call in and manifest this month? Find useful journal prompts on Pinterest for added inspiration. Follow a guided meditation if it helps.
  • Actively choose what you’d love to channel your energy into, not things you think you should, or feel obliged to

The seven is all about deeper meaning. Activities that interested you beforehand may have lost their appeal and drain you. Take some time to observe what fills your cup up and excites you. Cultivate it – shift your routine to fill your time with that which expands and uplifts you!

This is a great time of alignment for us all. Trust what comes up.


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