Welcome to December 2020

Good morning special Soul Family!

Welcome to December 2020 and what a Gift it is to be able to have made it so far & enter this month of warm summer days here in South Africa!

Well done to all of us… we can really honour ourselves and give ourselves a big ‘Well Done’ pat on the back for our perseverance and courage so far. During 2020 many of us have suffered big losses, had heart ache, overwhelm or fear, feelings of being lost, health issues and huge change leaving us where we could feel like victims of circumstance.

So much is changing on a daily basis and we have to keep on flowing with the winds of change here at Soul as well! I am sure some of you have noticed that we could not have our Grand Opening of Soul in Hout Bay on 22 November as we planned to, we have had to move our Opening event to January 2021 as we follow the energy and where it is taking and guiding us. We are definitely not victims here…this has all come to help us clear and clean-up of those things that are not able to take us forward.

Myself, Sanet & the Soul Team are recognizing this December the huge Gift that is being given to us personally as well as we see our normal patterns needing to shift to make space for new things. This massive Gift is one made of a new life filled with new dreams, new purpose and successes & love and joy a life with huge opportunity for you to really live your life alive. Having more than your old or current life could never give you. Leading to a much brighter future with a very different and exciting world we knew was coming… Your new playground!
We can have it all… BUT we need to first let go of everything that we are still clinging onto that is no longer serving us.  If we dare to open up the space in our hands by putting down the old baggage and our old junk so we can, with open hands receive this incredible gift and start living fully alive!

This December we can clean out and LET GO of what is still left of 2020 and kick it out as we are all so ready to do to invite in NEW, wonderful things that Rock our world completely!

If you follow this link I have a few easy steps you can follow to start this process of letting go of the final stuff still holding you back for your Body, Mind & Spirit.   https://soulcenter.co.za/news/a-few-simple-steps-on-how-to-start-the-journey-to-let-go-for-the-body-mind-spirit/

Healing sessions are available with me to help clear away the last stuff if you feel this message is for you, so please contact me.

May your hands be empty so you can RECEIVE the magick you have been waiting for this December!
Love & Blessings

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