Welcome to May 2021!

Hello our Soulful people! Autumn has arrived with May 2021 as we all are feeling the colder days creeping in and we are preparing ourselves for winter.

It is a time of preparation for the cold as we are looking at going more inward and spending more time indoors and also making sure we are protected against the cold.

At the same time it also very important for us to make sure we protect our good energy. Not just going into winter, but always because our energy affects us on all levels of our existence.

Our theme at Soul this May is, Protecting Your Energy in Thought and Word & Deed.

Most of us already know that to start out every day with a good routine of the following is vitally important to remain centered and grounded. This includes taking a few deep cleansing breaths to become still for a couple of minutes, journaling 2 or 3 things you are grateful for, doing a guided meditation, Qi Gong or even a morning Yoga salutation, drinking lots of water to cleanse the body and also checking our thoughts are good ones. This sets our energy for the day.

We also should make sure that we are grounded and take regular salt baths. All of these things raise our energy and make us carry more light inside our being which is good for us all round.

Now, have you ever wondered how to protect this good and positive energy that we create within ourselves?

We need to look at where we spend our time. We are aware to surround ourselves with positive people and avoid people who drag our energy down. Spaces like our home and office and the spaces we frequent need to be tidy, clean, with light coming in and aired. We can clear any heavy energies by burning some Sage here and by putting some bowls of Salt in the corners of the rooms as this will absorb unwanted energies. Ensure this is changed regularly.

Having plants in the corners of your rooms are excellent and also use some protective crystals like Black Tourmaline, Amethyst and Tigers Eye by placing them near entrances or close to where you are or you can even wear them on you.

Using Incense, Palo Santo and Frankincense Essential oil is also clearing and helps you to protect your aura and space.

To protect your energy, a regular meditation practice where you still your mind is very important, our thoughts are our biggest enemy and we need to separate ourselves from them as we are not our thoughts and through this we create new pathways to consistently have lighter energy. We practice weekly meditations here at Soul where you can learn this technique and also have free online guided meditations on our website you can use at home.

Going for healing sessions regularly is also good to protect your energy.  In this time of needing protection especially, The Life Activation will strengthen your energetic structure and Aura Clearings and Healing will repair tears and holes in the Aura.

Always remember that You are your own best healer and your own healing energy will heal your body, mind and soul if you mindfully love yourself and take gentle care of you in thought and word and deed!

May you all be divinely protected, healed and guided this May.


Sanet & The Soul Team

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