Welcome to the Month of April

Hello lovely Soul folks!

It is the month of Bunnies and Easter Eggs as we greet April 2021 here at Soul with wide open arms because we know that this is a very special time for many and includes Passover for our Jewish friends, Easter time for our Christian friends and also the Holy month of Ramadan for our Muslim friends. This is surely not a coincidence and it really made me wonder about the true meaning of this magickal energy of April that brings in Hope, Renewal and New Life.

The clearing away of what we have now let go of is needed. There is a great flow of Renewed energy of Detoxifying and cleansing of our bodies our minds and our spirits to be ready for the start of something new. Which brings in hope of something great that anything is possible for us on all levels.

Our theme for this great month of April is therefore Renewed Hope! Being grateful for all we have gone through and for what we have overcome, this gives us renewed Hope. All the Power that ever was or will be is here now and we have access to this through this Hope.

We have Hope of being whole and connected and living our lives completely alive in every moment. Experiencing joy and having fun and lots of it too!

As always there are tools available to us to attain this Hope and the wholeness it brings and also on how we can clear away of those things, relationships, mindsets, opinions and judgements of ourselves which no longer serves us.

We have a few great Events and Healings supporting this specific Energy and Theme for you all so have a look what tickles your fancy!
Here are some Tips and Healings to assist you to step into this Renewed Hope:

  1. Clear your home and work space of low & negative Energy with Sage Smoke, Palo Santo and Incense.
  2. Drink Lots of good quality water.
  3. Take regular energetically clearing Epsom and Salt Baths or swim in the ocean.
  4. Ground Yourself by connecting barefoot with the earth.
  5. Use Clearing Crystals like Selenite by wearing them or placing in your bedroom, home and office.
  6. Breathe consciously and slowly and connect with your precious breath.
  7. Start a Meditation Practice to rid your mind of negative thoughts and an overly busy mind. Guided Meditations are easiest to begin with so book a session, we have a session at Soul every Wednesday at  17h30.  Max Meditation – Soul Center | Healing Therapies Cape Town
  8. Get Regular Healings. This month we offer the Life Activation Healing that will help you increase your energy levels and balances & clears your energetic system strengthening you overall.  Life Activation – Soul Center | Healing Sessions in Cape Town  The Emotional Cord Cutting will cut off and clear everything you have decided no longer serves you and want to detach from. Emotional Cord Cutting – Soul Center | Healing Therapies Cape Town The Hermetic Soul Retrieval will help you reconnect to yourself and make you feel whole and grounded.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and love!

Blessings & Love

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