Garnet, Root Chakra, Red Macramé Necklace


This versatile necklace is your everyday, go-to length which lies on the bust. The length of the necklace is 58cm long.

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Garnet – Strength, Willpower, Passion & Protection.

Garnets helps to honour yourself and to set boundaries with others. A stone of awakening, inspiring enlightenment and activates kundalini energy. Garnets can also be used to enhance the energies of other crystals. It regenerates the body and stimulates the metabolism. Assisting and repairing spinal and cellular disorders. It also purifies and re-energises the blood, heart, lungs, and the DNA.

Chakra – Root


Macramé is the art of tying knots to create beautifully patterned textiles. Many believe that the word macramé comes from the Arabic word ‘migramah’, which translates to ‘fringe.’ Back in the 13th century, Arabic weavers used macramé to create decorative fringes on shawls and veils. However, others claim that knot-tying extends back even further, all the way to third-century China. Lanterns, hangings, and ceremonial garments from this era sport elaborate knots, and the famous pan chang knot is considered by some to be an ancient form of macramé.