Connect with your own Soul and with those Souls around you! Celebrate Connection!


Meditation is the first step to all healing for the body, mind and spirit. It is the doorway that leads to inner peace and to KNOWING THYSELF. The key to becoming whole.

Hermetic Soul Retrieval

If you have a feeling of not being completely whole, a sense of disconnect with yourself and feeling like you have lost yourself then this healing is for you

7 Layer Egyptian Aura Healing for Trauma

balancing and realigning our energy structure on all 7 levels of the etheric that is linked to your thoughts, passion, dreams, plans and actions

we are soul

Soul is a Holistic Healing and Sacred Space in Hout Bay, South Africa. We offer an array of powerful healing sessions, workshops, meditations, and a Crystal Store filled with all that your heart desires. Now we also have the Soul Online Store right here on our website to check out and enjoy.

The Soul Center is for healers and our Cape Town & global community to come together. Our aim is to share in love and encourage mindful living and to help you to Know Yourself better in your spiritual growth and wellbeing. 

our soul services include:

  • Talks, classes, events and open days with all our collaborating healers where we are focused on wholeness and spiritual growth 
  • Soul healing sessions & wholeness therapies with Sanet
  • Meditation evenings and classes, online and at the Soul Sanctuary
  • Our Soul Crystal Store, offering jewellery, crystals, books and all your essential goodies
  • Soul Online Store for all our goods, delivery is available worldwide
  • Markets and festivals around Cape Town with our retail products and healings

Come connect with us on Saturday, 25 June to Celebrate our 7th Birthday at Soul

Soul sessions & upcoming events

Learn ancient techniques in how to feel energy and develop your intuition. You can do more than you think!

Date: 7th & 28th June

Place: 10 Surcingle Avenue, Hout Bay

Time: 17h30

Cost: R150 pp/90min

Breathe,  the gift of life we give our bodies every time we inhale & exhale. We can use the power of our breathe to go very deep into our cellular system where we store so much of our past and here at this level we are able restore balance and bring about deep healing.

Date: 11th June

Place: 10 Surcingle Avenue, Hout Bay

Time: 15h30 - 17h30

Cost: R375 pp

Yoga is like medicine on the mat. A beautiful flowing yoga practice suitable for everyone. To restore balance within the body join in every Tuesday and Thursday morning with Evie.

We are our own best healers. Meditation is the technique where we become still and move our focus from the outer world into our inner world. In this inner world lies all the wisdom, knowledge, peace, healing and much more, everything we are or need lies within us. To create true Balance, Meditation is the key! Join Sanet for a journey within.

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customer reviews


It was very special. I feel more grounded and peaceful. I also noticed that I am able to hold the version of myself that is more real and authentic, feeling closer to my purpose and calling. – Hermetic soul retrieval


There is a big shift in my energy and I can feel I am moving into my space. It was a super experience and I definitely approached my week with a more positive attitude! – Life activation


It was so cool to be at the meditation. I felt particularly good after the meditation session, less heavy energy than before. A lot of optimism and tolerance and love in my heart than before. – Max meditation


I am doing very well. Feeling more energy than in years. I have not been able to walk far because of an old foot injury. I managed to walk 3km a few days after the session. I haven’t been able to do this in a few years. Thank you. – Life activation


I feel more revived and energetic than before! I am sleeping very well. – Life activation


I had a very peaceful sleep and feeling so much lighter this morning. Thank you so much for the healing.


Just wanted to say that I have felt some real changes since the cord cutting. – Spell removal & purification by light


The healing shifted so much of my anxiety. My family is amazed at the change they see in me. I am feeling that I moving towards being more stable emotionally and less reactive. I am also able to now visualise and feel the outcomes I am wanting. – Life activation


I am doing good! Feeling light and less drawn down. – Egyptian 7 layer aura balancing


Felt Amazing after our session. Felt Good this morning and especially alert. Excited to see what lies ahead for me. – Life activation

Lauren R

Feeling fantastic, grounded and fully in my body. Excited to see what unfolds. – Full spirit activation


Loved Last night and loved the energy, feeling calm although so much is still going on. – Hermetic full moon ceremony


I am feeling totally amazing after this healing. Thank you so much. – The aura healing layer 1-3


I am feeling really good thanks. I really enjoyed the session and feel different is such a good way. I had an early childhood recollection of a favourite game I had forgotten all about it. Feels like a heavy cloud had been lifted from my head and I see and think clearly now. Thank you…


I am feeling a lot lighter, and more positive again. Feel like I’m soaked in a warm wax and my energy feels all smooth. Lovely feeling. – The aura healing layer 1-3

blessings to you

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we appreciate your support and hope you stay on this journey with us, Soul is dedicated to sharing in the love and mindfulness and to help you to Know Yourself better in your spiritual growth and wellbeing.

the soul team