full spirit activation

This Full Sprit Activation is the second step activation and you will have this healing within 3 months and 3 weeks after receiving The Life Activation and it will support the process of progression in your spiritual life, strengthening your structure as you grow on your own, unique path.

In this powerful session we will be activating the connection between the Physical and Spirit. Increasing the Soul’s awareness to our physical body & the life we are having here on planet earth and having this switched on means we benefit hugely when it comes to enjoyment of LIFE IN IT’s ENTIRETY in Body, Mind & Sprit being more fully aware of who you truly are and guiding you with your now newly increased & heightened senses.

Being more empowered all the way!

Duration: 120min, Cost: R1950

(Including a set of Morning & Evening Spagyric drops worth R620)

the ‘Pituitary and Pineal glands also known as the Thalamus region or ‘old brain’ is awakened. This will open up a new awareness between the Soul and Physical and will have the following benefits in your daily life:

Full Spirit Activation Soul Center
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    Unblock channels of awareness in the body

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    Enhance the nervous system and sensory interface to the physical

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    Intensify your physical and spiritual senses

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    Fight apathy in the soul

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    Help to feel more ALIVE

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    Boost the connection to life, nature and the people around us

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    Fill you with a sense of JOY

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    Help to provide clarity in your life purpose and path of service

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    Elevate your relationship to divinity and source

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    Better decision making

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    Ease moving into new situations and challenges with more clarity and confidence

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    Awaken to the new paradigm that we are evolving into

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    Release unresolved emotions and attachments from the past

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    Relax more easily and access meditative states

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    Achieve balance of mind and heart and establish a deep connection with all things around you

customer reviews


It was very special. I feel more grounded and peaceful. I also noticed that I am able to hold the version of myself that is more real and authentic, feeling closer to my purpose and calling. – Hermetic soul retrieval


There is a big shift in my energy and I can feel I am moving into my space. It was a super experience and I definitely approached my week with a more positive attitude! – Life activation


It was so cool to be at the meditation. I felt particularly good after the meditation session, less heavy energy than before. A lot of optimism and tolerance and love in my heart than before. – Max meditation


I am doing very well. Feeling more energy than in years. I have not been able to walk far because of an old foot injury. I managed to walk 3km a few days after the session. I haven’t been able to do this in a few years. Thank you. – Life activation


I feel more revived and energetic than before! I am sleeping very well. – Life activation


I had a very peaceful sleep and feeling so much lighter this morning. Thank you so much for the healing.


Just wanted to say that I have felt some real changes since the cord cutting. – Spell removal & purification by light


The healing shifted so much of my anxiety. My family is amazed at the change they see in me. I am feeling that I moving towards being more stable emotionally and less reactive. I am also able to now visualise and feel the outcomes I am wanting. – Life activation


I am doing good! Feeling light and less drawn down. – Egyptian 7 layer aura balancing


Felt Amazing after our session. Felt Good this morning and especially alert. Excited to see what lies ahead for me. – Life activation

Lauren R

Feeling fantastic, grounded and fully in my body. Excited to see what unfolds. – Full spirit activation


Loved Last night and loved the energy, feeling calm although so much is still going on. – Hermetic full moon ceremony


I am feeling totally amazing after this healing. Thank you so much. – The aura healing layer 1-3


I am feeling really good thanks. I really enjoyed the session and feel different is such a good way. I had an early childhood recollection of a favourite game I had forgotten all about it. Feels like a heavy cloud had been lifted from my head and I see and think clearly now. Thank you…


I am feeling a lot lighter, and more positive again. Feel like I’m soaked in a warm wax and my energy feels all smooth. Lovely feeling. – The aura healing layer 1-3