soul healing and wholeness therapies with sanet

Sanet is a natural healer offering a range of spiritual healing services from Soul. Based on the teachings of the Modern Mystery School, Sanet has spent seven years honing her healing abilities and by following her spiritual path, she is able to work with you on an energetic level, healing you with her gift.

Sanet offers Crystal Healings, Life Activation and Aura Clearing…as well as other healing modalities, offering help with dealing with trauma and stress, and allowing you to achieve a sense of peace and connection.

our services


ancient crystal healing

Crystals have been part of balancing and healing modalities since ancient times using this powerful technique to...


life activation

The Life Activation or DNA Activation is a healing that will bring about and shift you into a place where you are...


full spirit activation

This Full Sprit Activation is the second step activation and you will have this healing within 3 months and 3 weeks after receiving...


max meditation

Meditation is the key component to regain your power and the effects of only 15min of quieting your mind will have huge results, almost unbelievable!


shamanic aura clearing

The Aura is a protective shield around the body and really an electromagnetic field that contains our life force energy....


emotional cord cutting

There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present, through which people can “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-center.


aura healing

The Aura is an energetic protection shield of 7 layers that is situated around the physical body. Damage and tears occur...

I have had a few healings done by Sanet. She is compassionate, makes you feel very at home and held. She is passionate about been in service and you cannot help but feel all her love.

I felt a big improvement after doing a 3 part aura healing with her. After repairing all the tears and damage in my auric field, my energetic body was sealed and I felt at peace and more whole thereafter. My energy levels improved and I felt more grounded and centered. If you are in need of balance, clearing or looking for a potent healing such as a Life Activation I would highly recommend Sanet.