3-layer aura healing

The Aura is an energetic protection shield of 7 layers that is situated around the physical body. Damage and tears occur to the Aura by the environment through everyday living and off course through the following things: negative thought patterns, stressful situations, trauma, medical operations and physical injury and smoking, alcohol and drug usage and abuse, substance addiction as well as drinking coffee and eating sugar.

The Auric structure is supposed to protect and hold our important Prana or Life Force Energy, but through holes and tears will now leak out the life force energy leaving you drained and can also cause infiltration of negative energies into the auric structure. It can have very negative effects on the mental, emotional and physical body and therefore need repairing and clearing for us to be healthy happy and energetically balanced people.

In this healing session we locate any damage to the first 3 layers of the Aura field and repair them. Insuring now that no more positive Life Force energy is lost and that the light energy is held securely by the Aura. You will feel more energetic, grounded, emotionally stable and at ease & peaceful.

This healing can be repeated a few times per year and initially is recommended to have X3 Sessions done a week apart. This insures for the best results in healing a fractured aura.

Duration: 60min, Cost: R1250


customer reviews

Jamal – Hermetic Soul Retrieval

It was very special. I feel more grounded and peaceful. I also noticed that I am able to hold the version of myself that is more real and authentic, feeling…

Christine – Life Activation

There is a big shift in my energy. It was a super experience and I definitely approached my week with a more positive attitude!

Chris – Max Meditation

Cool to be at the meditation. I felt particularly good with less heavy energy and with tolerance and a lot of love & optimism in my heart.

Liz – Life Activation

More energetic. Wasn’t able to walk far for a few years because of a foot injury & managed to walk 3km after the session. Thank you.

Thandi – Life Activation

I feel more revived and energetic than before! I am sleeping very well.

Gobault – Life Activation

I had a very peaceful sleep and feeling so much lighter this morning. Thank you so much for the healing.

Andre – Emotional Cord Cutting, Spell Removal & Purification by Light

Just wanted to say that I have felt some real changes since the session.

Kerrin – Life Activation

Shifted so much anxiety. My family is amazed at the change they see. Moving towards being more stable emotionally, less reactive. Able to now visualise & feel the outcomes I…

Karen – Egyptian 7 Layer Aura Balancing

I am doing good! Feeling light and less drawn down.

Lauraine – Life Activation

Felt Amazing after our session. Felt Good this morning and especially alert. Excited to see what lies ahead for me.

Lauren R – Full Spirit Activation

Feeling fantastic, grounded and fully in my body. Excited to see what unfolds.

Loren – Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony

Loved last night and loved the energy, feeling calm although so much is still going on.

Jules – Aura Healing Layer 1-3

I am feeling totally amazing after this healing. Thank you so much.

Julia – Full Spirit Activation

I enjoyed the session.  It’s like a heavy cloud had been lifted from my head and I see and think clearly now. Feeling  different in such a good way &…

Lauren – Aura Healing Layer 1-3

I am feeling a lot lighter, and more positive again. Feel like I’m soaked in a warm wax and my energy feels all smooth. Lovely feeling.