Egyptian 7 Layer Aura Balancing

A much needed Healing after Trauma. Specializing in healing & returning the human body to its sacred state being fully protected. This healing balances and realigns our energy structure on all 7 levels of the etheric that is linked to your thoughts, passion, dreams, plans and actions. Affecting every aspect of your being that place a part in manifesting your desires and purpose.

When we have been through a shock of any kind (physical, emotional, mental, psychological), our system gets pulled out of alignment and we need some readjustment & mending so we can feel whole again. This is an amazing healing to support you to return to wholeness.


The 7 layers are linked to the 7 directions and represents spirit level, thinker level, soul level, astral level, planning level, dreamer level and action level. Imagine how empowered your life will be with all of these perfectly intact.

Cost: R1500 Duration: 90min