A few Simple Steps on How to start the journey to Let Go for the Body, Mind & Spirit!

We need to start our journey by clearing our Body, Mind & Spirit. Here are a few easy steps.

  1. Clear away & clean clutter and open all your windows to air your home & bedroom.
  2. Start clearing your own energy and purify your body by cutting down on alcoholic, caffeinated & sugary drinks & replace them with Hot Lemon Water or Cold Water. Replace sugar with honey.
  3. Swim in the Ocean, this is 1st prize or if you can’t, take a bath daily with a hand full of Course Salt & Epsom Salt. (If you have a shower take a x2l jug with a mix of course salt & Epsom Salt and pour it over you slowly while turning clockwise)
  4. Go for a short walk in nature or spend time on the grass/beach barefoot and anchor yourself with intention into the earth. (stand barefoot on grass/sand, breathe deeply & imagine roots growing into the earth out of your feet)
  5. Start a stillness meditation where you become still and focus on your breathing for 5-15min and letting go. Sit somewhere quiet & comfortable, close your eyes & slowly breathe in(nose) & slowly breathe out (mouth) letting go of all negativity or things you want to release from your life. Relax completely & know all is perfect in this moment.
  6. Write down x3 things in a journal or on a paper you are grateful for… or more. Now go sit somewhere quiet & alone and say/whisper a gratitude prayer for these points. Repeating your list x3 times.
  7. Black Obsidian crystals will assist the letting go process by wearing them & holding them during meditation. Clear them with salt water & sage smoke. Black Obsidian, Tumbled – Soul (soulcenter.co.za)
  8. Book a healing session to clear your etheric/spirit body. Emotional Cord Cutting/Life Activation & energy clearing & Balancing/Aura Healing. Click here to see more about these healings. Sanet Healing – Soul Center | Healing & Wholeness Therapies with Sanet

You can contact Sanet from Soul for a consultation or just a chat about how you can let go or release your old patterns and stuff on c.+27 73 528 0394

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