Coping with Anxiety Webinar with Marion Nixon and Soul – 16 April 2020

Covid-19 has created rapid change in the way we live, and we’re still adjusting to how to live without many of our usual activities. Change is always unsettling, and rapid change is even harder to accept. When the future stops looking predictably like the present, we start to lose our sense of control and get anxious. This is a natural response as our nervous system is wired to keep us safe by alerting us to potential danger.

Anxiety is part of the flight, flight, or freeze response and is designed to last only a short time. Ongoing anxiety weakens our immune system (and we need that to stay strong right now), makes us emotional (which can upset the people around you) and stops us thinking clearly which makes it hard to make good decisions in this difficult time.

The good news is that there are a number of short, easy, techniques that calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. The most well know of these are ways to slow down your breathing. This sends a message to your nervous system that it can calm down because you are safe.Marion will guide you through the Emotional Freedom Technique and visualizations to reduce your anxiety.

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