Do you know what a trigger is ?

It’s something or someone that does something that annoys you, upsets you, angers you, frustrates you …. it takes you out of your Center of calm and inner peace.
The point of a spiritual path, is to progress. Meaning you change, that you are actively working on being a better person, that you can make decisions from a calm and centred place ( middle pillar) at ALL times. So a trigger tells or shows us when we aren’t in that middle pillar.
Before realising that these triggers can be an opportunity to grow and to change, we often point the finger at others… it is their fault, it’s the systems fault, she said, he said .. however as a Kabbalist or an initiate we take a different view
We ask ourselves, why am I so bothered about that. What inside of me is getting angry or upset, its a chance to work on that issue or problem. We are not the victim ( where we cannot change the situation) we are indeed empowered and able to change what we don’t like.
We can still care about what is going on in the world and be compassionate but if it’s taking us out of our middle pillar then chances are we will not be able to make good decisions around that issue or indeed our life. Making decisions from anger, frustration, hurt , jealousy never ends well. Taking a step back, with inner peace as your state of being you can always navigate your life with good and sound foundation in place.
The result is your life completely changes.
This requires training and someone to assist or guide us in those times .. a coach but importantly someone that is further along the path than us .. it makes sense really.
Yesterday we completed our 3rd ascension in the tree of life in London, we talked about triggers a lot… I’m so looking forward to seeing more of mine over the next few months so I can progress. Become a better version of me.
Empower Thyself is the first step, get yourself a guide and learn to walk life in the middle pillar.
By Kate Bartram-Brown
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