Enlightenment versus ignorance

We rely on others as a means to recognise or identify by a comparative measurement. There the rules of engagement which define anyone’s prime objective with regards to perception..
How do we personally resonate with the recurring theme of dualism in a physical world with a metaphysical nature? Aware and awake or ignorantly oblivious, the choice is yours until presented with the inquisition from within.
Unless we converse directly with ourselves on a regular basis, how else will we allow the time to evaluate our relationship with integrity?
It is all very well having an opinion on what we see outside our eyes, however, at what point do we acquire a sense of balance with regards to our perspective and how we judge or critically analyse ourselves in all sense of fairness?
Any mystic will gladly tell you that the evolutionary course is one which is guided. There is a nature to this universe and laws which apply on a larger scale than we have fully comprehended. Our authenticity is acquired over time as we develop our ego traits and express ourselves in a creative way.
Therefore, we are relying on experience and interactions to reflect on our own progress. Where do we invest our time and attention? In order to maintain a balance, we learn that the past, present and future are intimately related, as realisation is a progressive route we adopt.
Only the divinely blessed are given freedom to traverse between worlds with a unique sense of belonging both within and without as one, the heart is driven but how do we recognise the signs which direct us to full illumination? Are we willing to go in at depth beyond the superficial in order to catch a glympse inside?
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