Meditation to deeply connect with your heart

Meditation to connect deeply with your heart and to Fill Your Heart with LOVE, KINDNESS & COMPASSION FOR YOURSELF AND ALL THOSE AROUND YOU

1. Find a place somewhere where you can be alone and close the door.

2. Sit in a chair comfortably, feet on the floor and hands on your lap with palms facing up. Close your eyes gently.

3. Become still for a minute, centering your energy and breathing slow gentle breaths.

4. Bring your focus to your feet. Become aware of where the soles of your feet touches the ground, every inch of your soles connecting to the earth.

5. Become aware of the direct connection with Mother Earth to your feet  – connecting you to her love, her strength and her power.

6. Imagine your feet become heavier and heavier and even heavier until they are so heavy that they start sinking into the floor about 2cm.

7. Imagine Mother Earth covering your feet now completely and feel her anchoring you, holding you steadfast and strong, supporting you with her power and her steadfast love, grounding and balancing you.

8. Now move your focus all the way up your legs, all the way up past your chest and all the way up to you head, and now all the way up, 30 cm above your head.

9. Imagine a warm, bright, yellow-golden sun floating right here above your head. Imagine you can feel the warm rays of the sun floating above your head on your forehead and on your shoulders.

10. Now start focusing on your breath as you inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth.

11. Breathe in (through the nose) filling your entire body from head to toe with the golden rays of sunlight of the sun floating right here above your head.

12. Breathe out ( through the mouth) exhaling any heaviness, tension, negativity, stress, sadness, anger, hatred, judgement or anything of the world outside your room that does not serve you here right now, in this place.

13. Take 5-10 of these deep cleansing breathes, inhale(nose) and exhale(mouth).

14. Put your right hand on your heart and place your left hand over your right hand. Focus on your beautiful heart and the feeling here.

15. Imagine your heart is completely empty of all things, like an empty cup.

16. Take a few gently breathes and with every breath gently breathe into your own heart some LOVE for yourself, KINDNESS & COMPASSION for yourself today.

17. With every breathe filling your heart cup more and more, fuller and fuller with LOVE, KINDNESS & COMPASSION for yourself.

18. Breathing in and filling your heart until it fills completely to the top and runs over with LOVE, KINDNESS & COMPASSION for all those around you too.

19. Imagine now that your heart is becoming warmer and warmer and even warmer until it is so warm that your own heart opens complete up, towards you and allowing you to connect deeply with your own heart.

20. Now deeply connect with your beautiful, open heart that is full & runs over with LOVE,KINDNESS & COMPASSION for yourself and all those around you.

21. Keep this deep connection with our own heart while you gently breathe in and out, staying here for as long as you need.

22. Now very gently and in your own time start returning to the room and this reality, slowly feel the life returning to your feet and to your body and to your head.

23. Slowly opening your eyes.

24. Remembering everything and being fully alert and awake.

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