Protect your Energy

Do you know how? If so does it actually work?
Are you influenced by people’s moods, places, environments that cause you to retreat, or have a bad day, or can’t handle being there … then I would say if you are using tools to help it’s either not working or you are so used to it happening that it’s become a pattern that you are unaware of, a gap or hole in our energy field, if you like, that we left open and so used to it being open we think it’s closed.
You see, you are a very powerful person, we all have the ability to go into any situation and redirect it…. whether we choose to do that is another subject.
Protecting our energy means being balanced, stable, focused, in joy, at peace and when confronted with a situation that is fearful, has anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, bereavement etc we can go into that space and LIFT that space or person up to OUR vibration not that person or space take us down to theirs !
If this is happening then we are not in control or in our full power. It’s a great indicator of where we can improve ourselves, it’s a continuos journey no matter how ‘Advanced’ we feel we are. There is always something new to learn about ourselves.
This is why we walk a path, to practice each day until we know ourselves well enough to stop ourselves from letting the negative influence us.
Once we achieve it, nothing is out of our reach . A whole new world opens up …
Empower Thyself is the first step that teaches us how to protect our energy and raise the energy up to our level instead of pulling us down.
Pretty cool !
By Kate Bartram-Brown
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