Sapphire is the stone for September

Blue Sapphire Crystal – Blue Sapphire – Intuition, Wisdom & Truth.

Our Crystal for the month of September is : BLUE SAPPHIRE! A highly precious stone believed to connect individuals with the energies of spiritual healing and spiritual truth.

Blue Sapphire is extremely useful when channeling healing energies from the angelic realm or a higher source. It also fosters loyalty, commitment, and fidelity and is even able to aid us Physically by assisting with healing on a cellular level, aiding blood disorders, eye issues and improving overall stress levels. It also focuses on the blue energy of the Throat Chakra, assisting one’s communication and ability to express themselves in their highest truth.

Use this highly precious stone to balance yourself and assist yourself in connecting with your intuition, wisdom, and truth so that you may express yourself clearly and authentically this Virgo Season!

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