Soul Yoga Blog for June 2022

We are well into Winter now and that feeling of hibernating is all around us. Waking up in the morning seems less doable and getting our bodies going in the cold seems like such hard work. Be that as it may, there has got to be something said for the beauty and peace that exercise gives us, especially taking time out for yoga. Our 60-minute yoga classes focus on specific body parts and generally always include a theme for the class, which lends itself to being able to connect body, mind and spirit.

For the month of June we would especially like to invite all Yogi’s to join our 08:00 – 09:00 Saturday Yin yoga classes. These classes are truly transforming and relaxing. If you are after something more movement-based however, the Slow Flow Vinyasa classes will work for you. These are on Tuesdays 08:30 – 09:30 and Thursdays 08:00 – 09:00. Try a class out and you will find it calling you back for more. The body sensation during the class is graceful and lovely and when being able to connect with self, body and mind, you are catapulted into an alternative state of being that brings peace and beauty to how you feel afterwards – certainly relaxed if nothing else. With the sun setting so much earlier these days, we are hosting a special Yin yoga class i.e. Meditative Yin by candlelight on Thursday 9th and 23rd of June 17:30 – 19:00.

Soul’s theme for June is about nurturing, and I feel that especially during Winter, we must take extra care of ourselves. Winter is a time to nestle and nurture and become aware of how we can take care of ourselves. Yoga is a wonderful method to nurture your entire being as it interlinks different aspects of ourselves (body, mind and spirit) in our soulful sanctuary that carries much love and light in a peaceful environment that makes its visitors happy and feel welcome. Not only do we get the opportunity to nurture ourselves, but we also meet other Yogi’s, which is a further form of nurturing ourselves at the social level. So all round feel good stuff happening here.

I reach out to you to try a class in June and would be very surprised if you don’t come back for more. Yoga changed my life and I am sure it will change yours.


As always, see you on the mat. Love Evie.

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