The Harmonic Resonance of 432 Hz

Great minds of the past have insisted that we set our musical concert pitch to 432 Hz. Mathematically, this is 4 x 108 a connection to the hidden pattern in the Fibonacci Sequence and therefore creates a resonance to the Living Mathematics of Nature.
432 Hz is in resonance with the sun, with water, an ancient harmonically tuned instrument of the highest order.
Tuning to 432 Hz creates intervals and tones that have beautiful and harmonic effects on the human being who is listening, very similar to Rudolf Steiner’s suggested pitch that the world must set its tuning to C=256 Hz, giving the A note the value of 432 Hz. That is why it was called the “Philosopher’s C” because it was a Celebration of Advanced Human Knowledge being in tune with the Cosmos, with Time and Space, with Shape and with particularly in resonance with the magnificent Rhombic TriaContahedron.
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