The Spark of Life Distance Healing

The Spark of Life Distance Healing

This healing uses the highest light to flow pure healing into your being and body to treat any illness, pain or physical injury also for feelings of excessive fatigue and fear, anxiety, depression or inertia. Brain fog, being stuck in a situation or in life is also aided and you will feel a general energetic lift by this very powerful, pure healing force and light.

The ancient high priests used this healing technique on themselves to replenish their energy when working out or far away during field work of the protective shield of the temple energy. This healing helped them to keep their energy high to work and serve in dense low vibration places.

This Healing modality uses special keys by me, to allow us to bypass the etheric matrix and chakra system of your body. This allows the energy to flow in a pure state directly to you remotely from the sacred space I work in over any distance.

One of the Most Sacred Healings available to us.

I will need your permission to perform this healing for you as a client. I require your cell phone number to arrange and coordinate your healing session, as well as your full name and your physical address.

You will need to sit quietly for the first half an hour of the healing and then you will be allowed to lie down and even go to sleep for the duration of the healing session.

The Session is 60 minutes at a cost of R1150. I, Sanet, can be contacted on 0735280394 or via

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