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Soul offers a range of holistic workshops, talks and events at our Hout Bay premises. Our healers and guides offer informative events sharing their speciality subject of interest with you. Our talks cover a wide range of subjects from spiritual healing, mindfulness, health and motivation…something for everyone.

Our workshops are tailored to help you understand yourself and the world around us, sharing a wealth of knowledge passed down through our healers and speakers. 

You can see what talks and workshops we have on our Calendar on the website or by following us on our Facebook page. Look out for our Open Days where we invite our healers and clients to join us for a day of healing and celebration.

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I am so excited to at last have found an amazing venue for talks and workshops! It is Soul, in Woodstock, near the Old Biscuit Mill. It is attractive, has a gentle, calm ambiance, in a central location, and the very best of all, outstanding service. After years of organising, marketing, and hosting my talks and workshops, all on my own, having all the groundwork done for me with ease (though I know how much work that takes!) was a dream come true. To be able to focus on my talk without dealing with registrations and payments, and chairs, and lighting (there was load shedding that night) and all the little things that become important when not in place was sooooo good. It’s my idea of speaker heaven!

— Marion Nixon Positive Results Coach