Ashwagandha Powder Jar 60-70g


• Powerful adaptogen
• Beneficial for those suffering chronic diseases, overwork, lack of sleep and nervous exhaustion
• Increases stamina and endurance by increasing muscle mass
• Reduces anxiety and depression
• Combats the effects of stress and aging
• Boosts immunity. Has an abundance of antioxidants, iron and amino acids
• Improves brain function, including learning and memory
• Boost testosterone and increases fertility
• Reduces blood sugar levels and inflammation

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Aether: Our purpose and mission is to expand the use of herbal medicines in South Africa and the world as a whole. To remind our brothers and sisters of the age-old practice of herbalism. Our love and passion for the medicinal power of plants and mushrooms has inspired us to create this botanical dispensary and through our products, we hope to aid people in cultivating healthy practices as part of a holistic lifestyle.