Canna Oil 10ML BALANCED 1:1

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This is our balanced, CBD enriched cannabinoid blend. An incredible synergy of cannabinoids, rich in a range of CBDs and other cannabinoids. This blend is a combination of our full spectrum extract and imported high CBD extract. The result is a powerful and highly effective medicine with a huge range of uses and benefits.

This blend can be taken during the day, without the sedative and strong psychoactive effects of our standard blend. Popular for chronic pain relief and aches, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, cancer and many more ailments. It has a mild relaxation effect too, so is great for stress relief.

Can be taken in high dosages if needed (such as for cancer and other auto-immune dis-eases). Dosage is highly dependent on what you’re using it for, generally it’s taken 2-3 times a day, taking 2-6 drops at a time. Can be taken more frequently (4+ times a day) and at higher dosages (up to around 10 drops at a time) if needed. Can have mild psychoactive effects at higher dosages. Please consult Cosmic Bazaar before taking high dosages.

Contains a ratio of 1:1 CBD:Δ9
Our 10ml bottle contains 200 drops
200mg total cannabinoids. (~100mg Δ9, ~100mg CBD)
~1mg of cannabinoids per drop
Using ~6 drops a day, this bottle will last around a month

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Our range of full spectrum Canna Oil healing elixirs. Made with 100% natural, pure, organic, whole plant cannabinoid extracts. An outline on the different blends available (ratios are CBD:Δ9)
Sativa Δ9 (1:12) – Good for sleeping disorders and insomnia. High anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties. For cancer use in conjunction with our 1:1 during day. Has strong relaxation effects. Start low and slow. Use at night as this blend can make you sleepy.
Balanced (1:1) – Good for pain relief, arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammation, tension & stress, cancer, nausea, diabetes, IBS, Crohn’s, M.S, glaucoma, high blood pressure, menopause, asthma, etc. Can be used during day or night. Has mild relaxation effect.
CBD Rich (3:1) – Good for mental & neurological illnesses, epilepsy & seizures, depression, anxiety. Can be used by older children and animals. Use any time, day or night.
High CBD (9:1) – Good for sensitive people. Has excellent calming effects. Synergised entourage effect with Δ9 but no psychoactivity. Can be used by young children too. Use any time, day or night.
Pure & Organic CBD – Full spectrum C02 extracted Cannabis Sativa Hemp CBD. Contains no psychoactive THC.

Canna Oil contains a full-spectrum cannabinoid extract, blended with hemp seed oil and DMSO. Our elixirs are made with whole-plant extracts, as mother nature intended; leaving the full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids in the oil. Harsh solvents or chemicals were not used to extract our oil.

Our plants are grown outdoors, under our powerful sun, without the use of any synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. To extract our oil, we only use natural, food-grade chemicals with lab grade equipment (no butane is used). Our oil is filtered multiple times to ensure the highest quality and purity. We do not isolate any parts of the plant or cannabinoids. Our oils are lab tested to ensure patients receive the right blend for their needs.

Our extract is blended with hemp seed oil, considered to be the most nutritionally balanced oil found in nature. DMSO (another 100% natural ingredient) is also added to increase the body’s absorption of the medicine, as well as adding further pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties. We blend in small batches, hand-crafted for quality and consistency.

Cannabinoids are known to help treat and heal a vast amount of ailments, illnesses and diseases including:
• Cancer
• Sleep Disorders
• Chronic Pain
• Arthritis, Fibromyalgia
• Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s
• Inflammation
• Asthma
• Diabetes
• High blood pressure
• Anxiety, Depression, Stress
• General wellness & immune booster
• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
• Lupus
• Heart Disease
• Epilepsy
• Appetite