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The Golden Spiral remedy is made by passing light through a sculpture built on the golden ratio and into distilled water. The infused water is then further amplified to create a very deep acting remedy reaching far into our cellular structure, as DNA is itself built on the golden spiral. When we take the Golden Spiral, we remind ourselves of our universal alignment with all structures and our kinship with everything from galaxies to seashells. The Golden Spiral was made on the potent equinox of December 21, 2020 to further amplify its potency, and this alignment comes through strongly in the Golden Spiral remedy.

The golden ratio or pi ratio also known as the golden mean is the ratio from which everything from galaxies, sunflowers, the human ear, and even our fingerprints are built. When we take the Golden Spiral in this amplified form, we are reminding our cells of their innate divine order and perfection. This creates a feeling of great alignment in the body as well as a profound relaxation on levels that are hard to describe as they are deep reaching and extend from our DNA to our place in time and space.