Immortality Asgard


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Immortality Asgard was birthed on the first day of the new moon at the start of the year of the tiger. Quite a heraldic event. Immortality Asgard is made from 22 levels of Immortality, (7 more than Vishnu) and this is significant as it represents the biggest single jump in frequency since the inception of the Immortality series. This means it will continue to clear memory to make space for new cellular activity, basically supercharging our cellular biochemistry. More energy and increased appetite without weight gain is part of this process as the body goes through another round of cellular regeneration.

When taking it, reading one random rune a day might be useful just as an educational tool to give us a peak into forms that have been written down but also to realize that each time we take Asgard we are taking the totality of all these forms and the song that activates them. Thank you Merissa for singing us this song, and hopefully you will provide us all with some runic insights along the way as the journey is just beginning.