Immortality Laksmi


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Immortality Lakshmi is the culmination of the immortality series and contains it all. It is the big band version of immortality, with bells, whistles, bass guitars, cherries, sprinkled nuts and petals floating down on you out of the sky while you lie in a bath of nectar sipping ambrosia. Immortality Lakshmi contains 7 levels of immortality, 2 more than Garuda, it contains Creation, Golden Spiral, Blue Lotus, and a subtle version of cacao for that extra lush feeling in the background and, then of course, it contains the Lakshmi mantra itself to put us in alignment with limitless abundance.

Immortality Lakshmi is more an installation of abundance than a remedy; a way for us to learn a new way of being in the world, a way where things just come to us since we are the embodiment of abundance.