Immortality Shiva


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Immortality Shiva contains 12 levels of Immortality as well as 5 Shiva mantras and a new and unique alchemical preparation of gold which allows us access to the hidden teachings, spirit and realms of gold. Shiva is the counterpoint and masculine to Immortality Kali but is much more user-friendly and easier to consume daily, as there is a level of calm to Immortality Shiva which is not present in any of the other Immortalities.

My intention with Immortality Shiva was to create a piece of terrific transcendent beauty with all the epic aspects of the lord of destruction and creation, which together represent the many different aspects of the divine masculine. On a physical level Immortality Shiva is very well balanced as there is a beautiful fusion of inspired action and energy combined with a deep and abiding calm. This is the feeling of being held, which is one of the most important aspects of the divine masculine. It is there for us to bring into ourselves, something of equal value for both men and women.

Alternating using Immortality Shiva and Immortality Kali allow us to quite elegantly and simply cut through whatever is disturbing us and that includes us.